Further Your Learning: Introduction

In this chapter, you will find a number of additional resources relevant to each chapter in the course. These resources are meant to support and further your learning.



Below you will find a list of resources that will help further your learning.

Ralph on leadership: Scan of a pamphlet discovered at the National Library. It's an address Ralph gave at Brandeis University in 1979 on leadership. It is interesting that, on page 8, Ralph uses the term "international Jewish communal service." Ralph was global before global was global. In the very final paragraph of the speech, on page 9, is Ralph's famous "intertwined and interconnected" phrase. Could this be when he coined it?

JDC and Ralph's work in Eastern Europe: Emails were not yet being used, but these documents give us a brief insight into Ralph's tenure as head of JDC and critical programs JDC facilitated. 

Ralph and the role of the professional: Excerpts from a seminal essay prepared by Ralph Goldman for the International Conference of Jewish Communal Service.. The Goldman paper was distributed prior to the 1981 ICJCS Quadrennial in Jerusalem. It provided the background and informed deliberations and discussions by Conference participants. Although written over two decades ago, it is noteworthy how much of Ralph Goldman's comments are so relevant to the Jewish communal field in the 21st century.

"In His Own Words": This film Published on Dec 11, 2012 is Ralph I. Goldman's personal survey of his remarkable life of service.

Ralph - the titan of Jewish Philanthropy: Michael Schneider, a previous CEO of JDC speaks about Ralph and his many contributions to communal service.

Reflection questions: The full set of questions we have asked throughout the module.